What sets you apart from other inspectors?

Bachelor of Science Degree - Business Administration / UW- Stevens Point

Police Officer / 2005 - 2014

Licensed Illinois Home Inspector / 2015 - 2018

Property Maintenance Inspector / City of Kenosha / Current

Licensed Wisconsin Home Inspector / Current

No matter how long someone has been inspecting, inspecting alone does not bring with it the same skills and abilities that are acquired when someone has hands-on construction and investigative experience. I have over 20 years of construction and demolition experience, graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a bachelor's degree in business administration, performed thousands of investigations as a police officer, have inspected thousands of homes, and have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education. While there are many home inspectors to choose from, please keep in mind that anyone can take the test to become a licensed home inspector. In this profession experience matters. In addition to my unique set of skills, education, training and experience, I use only the highest quality equipment to perform inspections and testing. From FLlR thermal imaging to Zefon mold testing equipment and Radalink AirCat radon monitors, you can count on Noble Inspections to provide the highest quality inspection available.   ​

Do you offer same day reports?

I always aim to provide my clients with completed reports within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. In certain circumstances, I am able to provide same-day reports. The reason that I do not advertise or promote "same-day" or "on-site" reports, is that I do not believe that any inspector is doing what is best for their clients by rushing through a report. For a typical 1500 sq/ft house inspection, my inspection will take approximately 3 hours to complete on-site. During that inspection, I will take 200+ photos, all of which get individually reviewed prior to your inspection report being finalized. I typically spend another 2 to 3 hours "fine-tuning" your report, reviewing every inspected component and photo before I send your inspection report. In essence, I am performing a second inspection of the house by reviewing all of the photos and information. It is because of this attention to detail and focus on quality that you will not find another inspection report with more valuable information.

Why do different inspectors have different prices?

I believe in charging a fair fee for an exceptional inspection. In addition to performing inspections that go well beyond state minimum requirements, I use only the best equipment available such as FLIR thermal imaging, Zefon mold pumps, and Radalink Aircat Radon monitors. Some inspectors may only meet the minimum standard for inspecting in their state, some may charge more for thermal imaging, and many inspectors do not list pricing information on their websites because they may have additional fees based on the age or type of structure being inspected. If you find an inspector that is charging significantly more OR less than other inspectors, that may be a red flag. If you have a question about price matching other inspectors, please contact me at 920-253-6278 or nobleinspector@gmail.com 

Why should I hire you?

I am an inspector because I love construction and inspecting. I want all of my clients to have the best inspection experience possible. When you hire me, you will get a thorough inspection performed by a knowledgeable inspector, with a very straight-forward report and clear recommendations. My attention to detail is second to none. You will not find a better inspection for a better price anywhere in SE Wisconsin!