Home Inspection: Full Interior and Exterior

A full interior and exterior home inspection covers all of the visible major components from the roof to the basement. Typically, this type of inspection is conducted for the buyer of the property after the offer to purchase is made, but prior to finalizing the contract, usually this is referred to as a "contingency". Home inspections are valuable for the following reasons: 

  • By providing a comprehensive overview of the entire building to ensure that the price you are paying for the building is on par with the condition of the building. 

  • Helps to identify any potential life / safety issues or hazardous conditions. 

  • Can identify any major structural or mechanical issues that adversely affect the integrity and value of the property. 

In addition to pre-purchase inspections, Noble Inspections offers pre-list inspections. A pre-list inspection is an inspection that is conducted for the current owner of a property before the property is going to be listed for sale. A pre-list inspection can: 

  • Help identify any components that are in need of repair, so that the repairs can be addressed prior to listing the house for sale. 

  • Provide peace of mind for buyers in a competitive market. 

  • Bring a higher sale price for your home.


Buyers of new construction homes can also benefit from a full interior and exterior home inspection. Many people who purchase brand new homes believe that the house should be in excellent condition and constructed to the highest of standards. And while I do not disagree with this point of view, the sad truth is that many of the homes that are being built today are built as quickly as possible, using the cheapest materials available. Some of the issues that I have personally observed during new home inspections are:


  • Door handles installed backward. 

  • Radon systems that do not meet recommended installation practices. 

  • Incomplete roofing and siding. 


  • Extension cords being used as permanent wiring in attics.  

Full home inspections can also be extremely helpful for those homeowners who are interested in learning more about how their house is performing and what condition the major components of their house are in. From finding the water shut off valve to understanding more about your electrical panel, Noble Inspections is here to help. To gain an in depth working knowledge of your home call me at 920-253-6278 or email to nobleinspector@gmail.com.


Home inspections performed by Noble Inspections are the most comprehensive inspection available in southeast Wisconsin. I meet and then far exceed the standards that dictate what items a home inspector is required to inspect and comment on in the state of Wisconsin. I look forward to working with you.

A Full Interior and Exterior Inspection Covers the Following Components



  • roof-covering materials

  • gutters

  • downspouts

  • vents

  • flashing

  • skylights

  • chimney

  • roof penetrations

  • general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs



  • service drop

  • overhead service conductors and attachment point

  • mast head

  • mast

  • drip loops

  • service conduit and raceway

  • electric meter and base

  • service-entrance conductors

  • main service disconnect

  • panelboards

  • over-current protection devices (circuit breakers and fuses)

  • service grounding and bonding

  • switches

  • lighting fixtures

  • receptacles

  • arc-fault circuit interrupter



  • foundation

  • basement

  • crawlspace

  • structural components

  • sump pumps



  • exterior wall-covering materials

  • eaves

  • soffits

  • fascia,

  • readily accessible windows

  • exterior doors

  • flashing and trim

  • walkways and driveways

  • stairs

  • steps

  • stoops

  • ramps

  • porches

  • patios

  • decks

  • balconies

  • carports

  • railings

  • guards and handrails

  • vegetation

  • surface drainage

  • retaining walls and grading



  • heating system 



  • cooling system



  • fireplace

  • chimney

  • lintel

  • damper



  • doors

  • windows

  • floors

  • walls

  • ceilings

  • stairs

  • steps

  • landings

  • ramps

  • railings

  • guards

  • handrails

  • smoke detectors

  • carbon monoxide detectors

  • garage doors

  • door openers



  • main water supply shut-off valve

  • main fuel supply shut-off valve

  • water heating equipment,

  • water heater energy source

  • venting connections

  • temperature/pressure-relief (TPR) valves

  • Watts 210 valves

  • seismic bracing

  • interior water supply

  • fixtures and faucets

  • toilets

  • sinks

  • tubs

  • showers

  • waste and vent system



  • insulation

  • ventilation

  • mechanical exhaust systems