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Home Inspections are paramount to understanding the home you are buying, selling or currently living in. I believe that homeowners, home buyers, home sellers and Real Estate agents deserve the best inspection that can be performed. Whether you have found the perfect home to buy, would like to have your home inspected before selling, or have a concern about the property you currently live in, Noble Inspections is here to help. My goal is your complete satisfaction. Call today for a home inspection that is second to none! 

Every Window, Every Door, Every Outlet, Every Switch...Every Time

tldr: Before you hire an inspector...ask them if they inspect 100% of all accessible outlets, switches, windows and doors.    


Did you know that most home inspectors DO NOT inspect every window, door, electrical outlet or switch in the house you are having inspected?

There are 3 reasons why you may not be getting the inspection you thought you were paying for:

  • The state of Wisconsin says that inspectors do not have to inspect every window, door, outlet and switch that is present in a house. Wisconsin law states: A home inspector shall observe and describe the condition of all of the following: "A random sample of doors and windows" and "The operation of a representative number of installed lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles located inside the house, garage and any exterior walls. You can read about it here: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/admin_code/sps/professional_services/131/131.pdf

  • Time is money. Many inspectors will schedule up to 3 home inspections a day. At an average home I spend approximately 3 to 3.5 hours doing the actual inspection. I will then spend another 2 to 3 hours preparing the report, adding photos and making sure that I am providing my clients with the best information possible. If you do the math, inspectors that perform 3 inspections per day have to be cutting corners somewhere!

  • Some inspectors are just lazy. Not everyone that works in an industry is good at what they do. There are many inspectors that look at home inspections as a meal ticket. They perform inspections to meet minimum standards. They do this because in a real estate transaction everyone loves a report with very few items, right? Makes you feel good, the sellers don't have any issues with the report and the Realtors are happy because the transaction goes through without a hitch...but 6 months later you realize that maybe the inspector didn't give you all the information you were looking for. Sure you can sue the inspector, but unless the inspector violated standards of practice or was negligent is some provable way, you are likely limited to recovering your inspection fee and you are then left with a house that is not the house you thought you fell in love with. 

Since 2015 I have been performing inspections with a specific process that helps me gain the greatest understanding of the home you are buying, selling or living in. I inspect every accessible outlet, switch, door and window at every house I inspect!

The best services at the best prices

Full Home Inspections

up to 1500 sq ft - $300

Interior Condo Inspections

up to 1500 sq ft - $225

Structure and Mechanical Inspections

up to 1500 sq ft - $200

For all inspection types:

Each additional 500 sq ft - $25

Water Testing

starting at $200

Soil Testing

starting at $200

Mold Testing

stand alone Mold Test - $150

add. samples - $50/sample

Includes 1 indoor and 1 outdoor sample with most results in 24 hours

Noble Inspections offers a better report with more detail in an easy-to-read format.


Home inspections are only as good as the inspection report that you receive. Noble Inspections offers a better home inspection, with comprehensive reports that give you a greater understanding of your home. Compare a Noble Inspections home inspection report with a home inspection report from ANY other inspector and you will see the difference. No other home inspector will spend the amount of time required to create a unique and personalized report just for you. Step up your home buying game and get a customized home inspection report that has the detail you deserve.

Home Inspections: What they are and why you should have one conducted.

Home inspections are an important part of the home-buying process. Likely, a home is the most expensive purchase a person will ever make. With thousands of components all being used and deteriorating at different rates, how is any home buyer, home seller or homeowner supposed to know everything about all of those components? The short answer is: You should not expect to know EVERYTHING about the home you are buying, selling, or living in. But you should know about the IMPORTANT things and that is where Noble Inspections can help.

I have been performing home inspections since 2015 and before that I was active in residential construction and demolition. I have been building my skills as an inspector for the better part of 20 years.

During a home inspection I inspect and comment on hundreds of components, many of which are in normal condition. But it is not the items in normal condition that are important during a home inspection. Home inspections are conducted to find the items that are failing, have failed, or may have a negative impact on the property. As a home inspector it is my job to identify and report on these IMPORTANT components.


The ultimate goal of a home inspector is to accurately identify and report on the condition of the components of the house being inspected, so that:

  • Any hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions, such as a gas leak or structural issue can be corrected.

  • Components that are failing or have failed can be repaired before they cause damage to other systems or components in the house.

  • You have a greater understanding of the overall condition that the house is in, so that you can determine if the price you are paying for the house is consistent with the condition.

Home inspection reports should:

  • Clearly identify the components that are being inspected.

  • Clearly state the condition of the inspected component.


  • Provide clear recommendations about any corrections that should be made.


I take home inspections very seriously and that is why I founded Noble Inspections. Noble Inspections is more than just a name because I believe in running my business with the highest of moral and ethical standards. Noble is defined as "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals". My #1 priority is the complete satisfaction of each and every one of my clients. I aim to accomplish this by providing excellent service before, during and after every home inspection, conducting an inspection that is head and shoulders above any other home inspection service in southeastern Wisconsin, and offering my services at a fair price. Call me at 920-253-6278 or email to nobleinspector@gmail.com to find out more about why Noble Inspections is your best choice for home inspection services in southeastern Wisconsin.


As a real estate agent, we want a thorough and detailed inspection for our clients, an inspector that can communicate the issues and educate the client on the home and any potential issues. John was all that and more! He was always our first to refer. He was detailed and thorough. He explained the issues in a way that educated clients. In addition he was always available when needed. His service was amazing and we were so sad to see him leave the Champaign/Urbana area. I have no doubt he will be an amazing asset to his current community. His service and expertise are unparalleled.


John was extremely thorough. He answered all of my questions and provided detailed explanations to insure I understood each and every point/topic brought up. I would highly recommend him.


John Mielke of Noble Inspections provided us with an extremely thorough and informative inspection of our new construction during the builder’s warranty period. He discovered several issues with the new construction that were not readily apparent to us. Fortunately, the builder agreed to fix these issues. John’s expertise, professionalism, and honesty saved us several future expenses. If you are looking for a high quality inspector and a truly nice guy, look no further. We will definitely use him again.


John was extremely professional and knowledgeable. We feel very confident in what the issues in our home are and can now take the next steps going forward to get them fixed. We will definitely be using him in the future if needed! Definitely recommend his services!!

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By providing excellent customer service and detailed inspections, Noble Inspections is dedicated to helping clients and agents, one home at a time.

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