Radon Testing

I am certified as a Radon Testing Technician by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and InterNACHI and I only use Radalink Aircat continuous radon monitors for testing. With my advanced training and experience along with certified test results from Radalink, you can depend on Noble Inspections to provide you with the most accurate information regarding the potential for radon in your home.

I am an independent inspector and only provide testing services. I do not provide radon mitigation services, which means I always provide my clients with completely unbiased opinions and test results.

  • Radalink ensures regular maintenance and calibration.

  • Radalink’s technical staff reviews all data prior to the release of radon reports.

  • Radalink Monitors have tilt and power sensors to detect any tampering that would invalidate results.

  • Radalink Monitors provide hourly readings of radon levels, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure that check for adherence to the protocol and track false highs due to unusually severe weather.

  • Radalink’s easy-to-read report is emailed to you, in most cases, within an hour of test completion. 

  • A Radalink Radon Monitor in a controlled environment and operated by a certified tester provides the most valid radon results available. 

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