Radon Testing is an important part of home buying and maintenance. Despite many inspectors posting information about Radon Gas being harmful, it is actually the radioactive particles from the decay of Radon that are the most harmful to people? I am certified as a Radon Testing Technician by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and InterNACHI. With my advanced training and experience along with certified test results from Radalink, you can depend on Noble Inspections to provide you with the most accurate information regarding the potential for Radon in your home.

I use a Zefon Bio-Pump Plus along with Air-O-Cell sampling cassettes to sample the air inside homes and buildings, to determine the concentration of mold spores in the air. This information can then be used to confirm whether or not there may be an unhealthy concentration of mold within a home or building. Mold Testing can also be used to ensure that mold remediation performed by a mold removal company has been successful. Noble Inspections does not provide mold removal or remediation services, which means I will always provide my clients with completely unbiased opinions and test results.

Click on the picture of the report to see a sample!

Click on the picture of the report to see a sample!

Noble Inspections offers Water Testing for drinking suitability, irrigation suitability and contaminants. With access to a laboratory that provides a wide range of testing services and parameters, Noble Inspections is able to help sample and test your water for a wide range of chemicals and contaminants. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and pricing. 

Lead Testing can help to verify whether or not lead may be present on some of the components of your house or building, but it is not always necessary to have a professional do the testing. If my potential client is capable, I am happy to walk them through the process, as it is far less costly to perform the testing themselves versus having an inspector perform the tests. However, some clients, for a variety of reasons request that the testing be performed by a professional. Noble Inspections is here to help when the need for a professional arises. Sample materials are swabbed with a reactive substance which can help verify the presence of lead.

Are you curious about the suitability of the soil at your new home for your fantastic garden, an avid gardener with questions about the composition of your soil, or experiencing difficulties with the growth of certain vegetation? Noble Inspections can help. Soil Testing can help to eliminate or verify what factors may be affecting the flora and fauna around your home.