Home Inspection: Thermal Imaging

Home inspectors today know that thermal imaging is a tool that no home inspection should be conducted without. While thermal imaging does not allow an inspector to "see through" anything; when used properly, thermal imaging can help an experienced home inspector find evidence of moisture intrusion, energy loss and thermal anomalies. Over the past 5 years of inspecting I have found numerous defects that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, all due to thermal imaging.


To show you what I mean: These two photos were taken simultaneously, by me, using a Flir E4 thermal imaging camera. The photo on the left side of the screen is the room as it looked to the naked eye. The photo on the right side of the screen is what the infrared camera "sees". The orangish/yellow spot on the bed  was a cat taking a nap under the covers. I am normally not inspecting for napping cats, but this photo does a great job of illustrating just how useful a thermal imaging camera can be during an inspection!